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“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

– KBBU Team


Kingdom Builders Business University is designed to help people who have or have not received training in the workforce transition from employee to employer. The course is to help people leave legacies for their families through identifying their skills, gifts and talents and combining them into entrepreneurship.

The audience is for the new business owner who just has a yearning that there is more to life than just what they are doing and does not know where to begin. This company caters to the entrepreneur who started, filled out most of their legalities, but is trying to do it all by themselves.

KBBU is also for the tenure entrepreneur who has heard all of the hype + emotional speeches and are just ready for some honest integral committed leadership from people who will give it to them straight. This is also for those looking at the lives of those who have led them well, good, hard working individuals who brought them with them and even though they still respect their leader(s), feel like something is still missing in their life!

It’s time to break free of YOUR fears and THE hindrances. It’s time to destroy the obstacles standing in the way of who you were created to be! Let’s go! It’s your turn now! Become an ELITE ENTREPRENEUR TODAY!

Meet Our Team

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Michelle Green

Alvin Hailey

Nikkia Nesbitt

Carl Mitchell

Jessica Westmore